Project Review/Reaction/Feedback

Please review this(my first tribute project)

Your reaction/feedback is highly appreciated.

You will get your favor in return.Hopefully.

Awesome project. Time to do something big.

On lines 6-7 of your HTML, you have quite a few syntax issues.

<center><img src = alt="Politics is the new business." </center><img>

#1) Since you are using Bootstrap 4, do not use <center> and </center> tags. Instead, you should create a div with class=“container” around your entire project and then use class=“text-center” to center the image and other content like the h1 and h2 elements within the container div. Then you can remove the text-center classes from the h1 and h2 elements as it is redundant at this point.

#2) You should not have that extra <img>. Instead, you need to close the first img tag by putting /> at the end of … the new business"

#3) That </p> is not doing anything, so get rid of it.

#4) Get in the habit of always surrounding your html element’s attribute in quotes. For example, instead of




There may be some other syntax issues, but I will leave that for you to discover on your own code review or someone else to point out.

The following are suggestions to make your page look better on mobile devices and in general become more responsive.

#1) Make the image of the President responsive by adding the img-fluid class to your img tag, so that when the page width shrinks, the image adjusts in size to remain centered on the page.

#2) You do not need the <div> in the following code:

<h3>Here's a time-line of Mr.President:</h3>

#3) Instead of a closing </div> after the last li element’s closing tag (</li>), you need to replace the </div> with </ul> to properly close out the <ull>.

#4) The footer tags really should just be surrounding the:

<font color ="#0E34CE"><p>Coded by Sushant Kumar Jaiswal.</p></font>

near the bottom of the page, because that really is the footer.

#5) It also makes sense to replace the strong tag with blockquote, since it is that last part is your quote.

#6) You should create a class for that footer p element to make the the text color #0E34CE instead of using the font element with color attribute set to “#0E34CE”. This would be accomplished with:

footer p {
  font-color: #0E34CE;

#7) Final suggestion is to remove the following from your blockquote selector to allow the text to take up more space

width: 500px;

Thanks a lot @RandellDawson for your feedack.
Means a lot.
Highly appreciated.
Btw Changes made.
Have a good day.