Project: Survey Form - Bibimbap

Hello fellow campers,

I just finished the survey form project. It passed all the tests on codepen. I would really appreciate some feedback.

Many thanks

Very nice.

Box shadow might look nice (same with text shadow).

On smaller screens use media querys widen the width of your container


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List of helpful websites for web design (and inspiration) -->

Hello Michael, thanks for the review. I applied some changes.

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Hey good job! it looks good.

Bibimbap is my food :slight_smile:

If you have time, I would not use bootstrap and write the css yourself. It will help sharpen your skills.

Thanks for the review. I will take it into consideration.


Not really. Flexbox is very simple and powerful. It isn’t outlawed in the project instructions either.


(i even made it my technical documentation page)

Learn how to use it now and it will help you later on.

Without bootstrap it is difficult and time confusing to make responsive websites. Its like putting bald tires on your car to try and train your drive skills. You really are not helping yourself, just making a simple task incredibly difficult in hopes to make you better. Bootstrap is their for a reason.

When it comes to making responsive websites, its all bootstrap, flexbox, add ons, frameworks, etc. Unless your doing CSS Art, you will not be using purely CSS.