Project Weather App feedback!

I finally finished my Weather App, maybe i’ll make some enhancement in the JS, but for now i’m happy with the result. Can someone please give some insights about the app in general?
Here’s the Codepen:

Thanks, and happy coding!

It looks very good. I really like the design, and it seems to work well. You should be proud of it!

Thanks for the feedback! I’m very happy that you like the design, it’s the most struggle thing to me came up with a nice one.

How many time it had taken …?

I started a while ago, but was using Materialize and very unhappy with the result. Yesterday i decide to restart working on and remove the Materialize and use only HTML, CSS and JS. With CSS Grid and Flexbox was much faster and precise to organize the layout and design. So, pass all day working on that and by the end of the night i’ve finish all the funcionality and today afternoon i’ve made some changes, like putting Placeholds for the empty filelds and so on.
Thanks for the feedback.

My first idea was to do something like this:
that’s because i use the same image. I don’t wanna transparency because i’ll lose that effect.
Thanks for the feedback, made me playing a little bit with transparency and the position of the background image.
Happy coding!