Prototypes in Javascript Objects

Dear Campers,
I have been reading about prototypes and prototype chain in Javascript. I have come to understand that if i create a constructor Person();

function Person(){ = "Nibble"
     this.age = 100

There is a Person.prototype property which is created and the value of this property is an object, which object has constructor property whose value is the constructor itself and then if i create an instance of the Person object, like me = new Person(), and the new Person i have created inherits from the Person.prototype object.
Similarly the constructor is a function and functions are objects as well. If you create Person() which is a function object, does it have a constructor? If yes, what is the constructor of the constructor? Is it Object() constructor? and does the constructor of the consatructor have a prototype object too? Where does the chain stop. Somebody kindly clear this up for me.

Basically, yes to all of that, and up to null which is as far as you can go, that’s where it stops