Public Testing Place for System Design

Just wondering in general is there a place where we can test our codes let’s say for payment system? Let’s say I create the payment gateway system, do we have dummy place to test it against the other payment system components: Merchant’s Application, Interportability Domain, Issuer Domain, etc

I could not post the youtube link here, but basically if you search youtube with these keywords it should show up:
Payment Gateway System Design | Payment Processing | System Design
Minute: 14:00

Usually the code you write is tested differently than the system design you want to test.

Designing a system is usually high level work, and not something you “hard test against”.

For example, what if my system doesn’t even use code? My payment processing system is all manual, using paper receipts? My system can manage 1 payment every 10 minutes and costs minimum wage + initial upfront investment and some extra external costs tied to stuff like electricity and plumbing for a bathroom of my sole employee. It doesn’t run on weekends, or after hours, but this system should work if my system needs to manage say parking garage fees.

This is all system design, “high level” stuff but without any actual code involved.

There are misconceptions “systems” are just code. A system could be all code, depending on what you are focusing on, but without more details about the actual problem the system is trying to solve you could be focusing on the wrong things.

As such “testing” something works as a solution is out of the question if we aren’t sure what the problem is, and thus the possible solution looks like.

I am thinking to create real life scenario here. Let’s assume I want to create startup company that will compete with Paypal or Stripe. I will call for the sake of discussion my payment system as “Speed”. Let’s assume that in a nutshell that this system / codes can meet all of the required functional specifications.

How do I Beta test this system /codes so that I know that it will work seamlessly against Inter-portability Domain (Visa, MasterCard)? Is there an organization or perhaps lab or university or software consulting service that will be able to help with this testing?


Should I create my own DIY Payment Gateway System such as purchase my own POS device, then pretend to create dummy business and apply to the merchant bank and then create dummy UI etc then use my own credit card to purchase something out of that dummy business?

Thanks @camperextraordinaire, after reading some of the articles, they do give me more details where to test the codes against industry level standard etc. I just didn’t realize the potential cost associated with this testing / certification process.

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