Pure Js and React

Hi All,
I have studied pure js intensively 2 months everyday 5 hours + countless projects. I have started learning React and everything seems to me easy. There are just a few new things that easy to grab. I believe that I don’t have any problems with Vanilla Js . Does it mean that React will be easier after going deep or it is easy because i have just learning React.
To sum up, is react easy?
How useful will be my js knowledge?

I wouldn’t say that React is “easy”, but it’s pretty approachable if you know your JavaScript and HTML. React is still JavaScript, just with extra stuff built into it, so your JS skills are very relevant.


It depends on which parts of JS you concentrate on.

Learning how to deal with arrays and objects, especially ES6 syntax, meaning arrow functions and array methods like .map, will help you immensely when learning React.

Learning about DOM manipulation with pure JS (document.querySelector(), document.getElementById(), addEventListener and so on) won’t help. In fact it could even slow you down when you switch to React.

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IMO it helps knowing the base JS when switching to react, because you have some general idea to what the react methods might be referring and here and there, even in react, you see vanilla js commands, which if you are not familiar with, can really mess your perception what is going on.
This is what happened in my case, for example ReactDOM.render(element, document.getElementById('root')) , caused me great discomfort, because i had barely a clue what this line of code actually does, other then being essential to render the whole document. Only after the extensive work on projects and being gradually exposed to js document methods i realized what they are and made my understanding of the code more fluent.
PS: and i find this to be a small drawback of the curriculum, as we dwell directly in frameworks like react without being familiar with any basic syntax and there comes a bunch of methods we need to learn by heart without actually having the notion what they represent.


Maybe you’re right and your perspective is closer to the OP’s situation.

I studied Vanilla JS (and only Vanilla) for almost 18 months before even dipping a toe into React, I built tons of projects, I was at a point where I could build almost everything with pure JS. When I switched to React (and I love it now), I had to unlearn a lot. It slowed me down and still gets in the way sometimes.

Writing good React code, so React can work at its best, requires you to approach a coding problem from a completely different angle. There’s too many tutorials only focussing on syntax (including fCC), and too few focussing on concepts.

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you are right, if you get educated strongly in one concept, it can become very hard to adopt a different concept, even if its a much better one and i found myself many times in this position

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