PyQt5 push button makes more than one clicked method calls for a single click

I am a beginner to PyQt5, I use Python for a long time to create simple algorithms. However, this time I created a simple GUI program with PyQt5 to show up data that are saved in an SQLITE3 database. And then I created an input box along with a push-button which makes a click event to receive data typed in the input box, and save that in the SQLITE3 database. But, once I click the push-button, it makes more than one method call, and then the same data is getting saved too many times in the database. I don’t know why this is happening.

This is my python code for connecting the clicked method with the button


This is my addModel method

        modelName = self.ui.model_page_add_model_input.text()
        model = Model(modelName)
        m = OfficeMemberController()

        result = self.staffController.viewAvailableModels()

here the OfficeMemberController class contains the query method for inserting the data to the database.

the loadModelTable method is used to show the available data in the database on a QTableWidget

Anyone knows, why the click method is getting called too many times for a single click of the push button???