Python program need help when trying run program on other pc

hello i need some help, after i design a python program if i put that program on another pc and i try to run it excepts if python is installed and also if the modules are that i used in designing the program exist that’s when its gonna work is there any way i can design a program on python and install it on another pc and work successfully?

You could make the script an executable using Then it could run on any computer even if Python is not installed.

i understand but i wont like users to see my script

even if i make it an executable file is there a way i can make all the file be hidden in a different folder?

Not sure what you mean by hidden in a different folder, but the file would be an executable file (binary), so your code would not be seen unless someone uses some type of decompyler (which is possible for any executable file).

okay i understand

I have not tested this library but this could do what you are wanting while better protecting the source code.

Fair warning, there are some folks out there that professionally, or as a hobby, try to recreate source code (Reverse Engineering). One your executable is out in the wild, its generally best practice to assume that a particularly dedicated person can reconstruct your code, so you don’t want any sensitive information or security features to depend upon the user not being able to reconstruct the source code.

yeah that’s what i mean

but i’m already constructing my own code encryption so that it can be more secured

It’s your project, so you know it better than I what you need, but the golden rule of crypto is Don’t Roll Your Own.