Python Project 3 Budget app can't get through the create spend chart

I have rewritten this method a couple times, trying to be more efficient and using less code(I tend to write books of codes:D) and still I can’t get through the test.
Here is my code, maybe I am just blind at the moment

def create_spend_chart(cat):
	end_string = "Percentage spent by category\n"
	get_percentage_ordered = dict()

	categories = []

        #getting the percentage for every category
	for i in range(len(cat)):
		temporary_max = float()
		temporary_minus = float()

		counter = 0
		for amounts, descriptions in cat[i].ledger:
			if cat[i].ledger[counter][amounts] >= 0:
				temporary_max += float(cat[i].ledger[counter][amounts])
				counter += 1
				temporary_minus += float(cat[i].ledger[counter][amounts])
				counter += 1

                #I did this just in case, for example 50.99999 can become 60.00 like this, maybe my error was laying there 
		get_percentage = 100 / temporary_max * -temporary_minus
		get_percentage = "% .2f" % get_percentage
		get_percentage_ordered[cat[i].category] = float(get_percentage)
        #make the list with the categories, it will be useful later
	for k, v in get_percentage_ordered.items():

	#to get the bar chart done, my error seems to lay here and it looks like I actually fail to print the circles at all
	percent = 100
	bars_to_add = str()
	while percent >= 0:
		bars_to_add = str()

		for i in range(len(categories)):
			if get_percentage_ordered[categories[i]] >= percent:	
				bars_to_add += " o "

				bars_to_add += "   "

		end_string += f"{percent}".rjust(3, " ")+"|"+bars_to_add+" \n"
		percent -= 10

	end_string += "    "
	for i in range(len(cat)):
		end_string += "-" * len(cat)
	end_string += "-\n"

	cat_string = str()
        #index for letter
	index_l = 0
         #index for category name
	index_c = 0
	for i in range(len(max(categories, key=len))):
		cat_string += "     "

		index_c = 0
		for ii in categories:
				cat_string += categories[index_c][index_l]+"  "
				cat_string += "   "

			index_c += 1

		index_l += 1
		cat_string += "\n"

	end_string += cat_string

        #this made me get rid of one error, so i keep it
	return end_string.rstrip("\n")

to repl
Just in case my repl link.
Thank you very much in advance

Okay, I just cant stop looking for the error, so when I run the create_spend_category on my computer with the values from the test method i get this result:

(It just got formatted weird, posting it here)
#i just printed that out, to see if the percentages are actually correct
{‘Business’: 1.22, ‘Food’: 11.73, ‘Entertainment’: 3.71}
Percentage spent by category
10| o
0| o o o
u o n
s o t
i d e
n r
e t
s a
s i
[Finished in 2.4s]

def test_create_spend_chart(self):
         #I used these values, "deposit")
        self.entertainment.deposit(900, "deposit"), "deposit")
        #I used these values ^^^^^
        actual = create_spend_chart([,, self.entertainment])
        expected = "Percentage spent by category\n100|          \n 90|          \n 80|          \n 70|    o     \n 60|    o     \n 50|    o     \n 40|    o     \n 30|    o     \n 20|    o  o  \n 10|    o  o  \n  0| o  o  o  \n    ----------\n     B  F  E  \n     u  o  n  \n     s  o  t  \n     i  d  e  \n     n     r  \n     e     t  \n     s     a  \n     s     i  \n           n  \n           m  \n           e  \n           n  \n           t  "
        self.assertEqual(actual, expected, 'Expected different chart representation. Check that all spacing is exact.')

So I can see that there are supposed to be more than four circles in the output, but I just get four. Are they using also different values? I also added the values from the, but then I just get 3 circles.

I hope someone can help me.

Welcome to the forums, @Nobody5520023.

The problem is the percent calculation. It looks like you are calculating the percent spent in each category:

while the project wants you to calculate the percent of the total spent in each category. In other words, if you spent a $100 total and $25 was food, $60 was business, and $15 was entertainment, your percents would be 25%, 60%, and 15% respectively, regardless of how much was in the budget for each category.

Oh God!
I was sitting so long in fron of the computer trying to figure out on how to solve this and then my mistake was reading the task.
Thank you a lot!!!