Python reserved words issue

Hello eveyone,Im am sorry if this subject was opened before but I cant find it.
So,when i`m typing the reserved word ‘if’,it says “SyntaxError:invalid syntax”.
Thank you

Hello @isabella_guran Welcome to the forum!
Without your specific code is difficult to help you more.
Yes, if is a reserved word (used in conditionals). A reserved word should never be used to assign a variable. Or be written alone.
I do not understand in what form you are usign if.
If would be great if you share your code to help you more :smiley:

Andy thank you for your response.:slight_smile: I forgot to use the space before “if” in that value.Im a begginer so Im trying to understand the basics.Have a great day!

Ok, no problem :smiley:. Dont give up with coding.
Have a great day too!

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