Python Web App to receive HTTP POST and add to SQL Database?

Hi Folks,

I’m new to Python coding and I’ve got a noob question which I’m hoping someone can help me with before I go off in the wrong direction.

I have started a project which will generate data which will come in the form of an HTTP POST.

I also have a shared hosting account, within which I have access to an option to setup a Python Web Application and a SQL database.

The questions I have is, with this setup, is it possible to write Python code to receive an HTTP POST message, take the data and then add it as a record in the SQL database?

If it is possible, I would really appreciate some pointers as to how I would go about this.

Thanks for your help!

I have used pyscopg2 to connect to databases with Django recieving the posts. Flask would be lighter and easier to get off the ground.

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