Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai - First Challenge

PLEASE what is wrong with the code below.

I am having difficulty passing the first challenge under Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai

var chai = require('chai'); var assert = chai.assert;

suite(‘Unit Tests’, function(){
suite(‘Basic Assertions’, function() {
/** assert.fail() will always fail. Change it into something more useful… /
1 - Use assert.isNull() or assert.isNotNull() to make the tests pass. **/
test(’#isNull, #isNotNull’, function(){
assert.isNull(null, ‘this is an optional error description - e.g. null is null’);
assert.isNotNull( 1, ‘1 is not null’);

After sharing the glitch url, it keeps returning

// running tests

expected undefined to equal ‘passed’

Cannot read property ‘0’ of undefined

Cannot read property ‘1’ of undefined

// tests completed

Which link are you using to submit?

I use the share button link… Same way I submitted when working with the API section

Go to the ‘Share’ button on Glitch and click on the ‘App’ tab - submitting that link should work

@mySuulola What do you get in the glitch console? Do you add the package in the json?

Thanks. Such a relief. I’ve been sharing ‘Project Page’ instead of ‘App’. I wonder how i overlooked that. Thanks so much

Thanks to everyone