Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai - Learn How JavaScript Assertions Work

Hi there, first time doing the QA track. So I opted to do it locally and host it on github. I’m confused about which link to paste into the answer as I don’t understand what this means: Remember to submit the Live App URL.

I’ve tried this url https://github.com/wilhelmlau/freeCodeCamp-QA/blob/main/tests/1_unit-tests.js

and also this url GitHub - wilhelmlau/freeCodeCamp-QA

and also this url https://github.com/wilhelmlau/freeCodeCamp-QA/tree/main/tes

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suite('Unit Tests', function () {
  suite('Basic Assertions', function () {
    // #1
    test('#isNull, #isNotNull', function () {
      assert.isNull(null, 'This is an optional error description - e.g. null is null');
      assert.isNotNull(1, '1 is not null');

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Challenge: Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai - Learn How JavaScript Assertions Work

Link to the challenge:

Ok so I’ve had some progress. Following this guide Two ways to create a Live Demo for your GitHub project | by Diego Lira | Medium

I created a live demo via Github Pages Quality Assurance with Chai | freeCodeCamp-QA

However when I tried pasting that in I got this:
You probably want to submit the root path i.e. https://example.com, not https://example.com/path

and trying that returned an error.

Then I tried : https://wilhelmlau.github.io

Which still returned me an error :frowning:

You can’t use GitHub pages for Node.js code (it only does static hosting).

Use Replit, Glitch, or run it locally.

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