Quality Assurance and Testing with Chai - Run Functional Tests Using a Headless Browser

I’m stucked with this error

  1) Functional Tests with Zombie.js
       "Famous Italian Explorers" form
         Submit the surname "Colombo" in the HTML form:
     AssertionError [ERR_ASSERTION]: No INPUT matching 'surname'
      at Browser.fill (node_modules\zombie\lib\index.js:647:5)
      at Context.<anonymous> (tests\2_functional-tests.js:102:15)
      at process.processImmediate (node:internal/timers:471:21)

I tried many different solutions from the forum but I still don’t get the right one.
Btw, I am using a localhost because I kept getting an error on Replit.

Here is my code:

const Browser = require('zombie');
const { suiteSetup } = require('mocha');
Browser.site = 'http://localhost:3000/'

suite('Functional Tests with Zombie.js', function() {
  const browser = new Browser();

  suite('Headless browser', function() {
    test('should have a working "site" property', function() {
  suiteSetup(function(done) {
    return browser.visit('/', done());
  suite('"Famous Italian Explorers" form', function() {
    // #5
    test('Submit the surname "Colombo" in the HTML form', function(done) {
      browser.fill('surname', 'Colombo');
      browser.pressButton('submit', function() {
        browser.assert.text('span#name', 'Cristoforo');
        browser.assert.text('span#surname', 'Colombo');
        browser.assert.elements('span#dates', 1);
    // #6
    test('Submit the surname "Vespucci" in the HTML form', function(done) {


I followed the instruction to change the browser.site to Browser.localhost(‘example.com’, (process.env.PORT || 3000)); and still get an error.

Move the suiteSetup up right after the const browser = new Browser(); and just pass the done callback (don’t invoke it).

const browser = new Browser();

suiteSetup(function (done) {
  return browser.visit('/', done);

With that, your code passes for me.

Not sure what other error you are getting (you said you change the browser.site) but I just tested my old passing code and it had an issue with the connection I haven’t seen before. It might be the nodejs version I’m using now, but I had to change the Browser.site to use the address (instead of localhost or

Browser.site = '';

Just wanted to mention it.

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Thanks for mentioning the Browser.site = ''; it also helps to pass the test.

I followed all your instructions given here and obtained all tests pass in my replit project but doesn’t pass any tests in the curriculum page

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