(Quality Assurance Project, Metric / Imperial Converter) Questions about Unit Testing


I have written 16 unit tests as described in the user story and the FCC test passed.

However, I thought of a way to reduce the number of tests (create a list of units in advance and test them in sequence using the map method).

However, this method passes the local tests, but not the FCC tests.


  • Is this because the number of tests is less than 16? Or is there an error in the content of the test itself?
  • Is it a good idea to combine the tests into one as I have thought? Or is it not recommended? (If not, why is it not recommended?)


You need to write16 tests to pass the challenge. All FCC is checking for is that you have at least 16 tests (and that they pass), but I don’t think they even check what tests you’re doing.

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