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I completed the challenge but cannot pass the last test:
“All 6 functional tests are complete and passing.”
I get following error:
[Error: At least 6 tests passed: expected +0 to be at least 6]
All other is fine.

As you can see from the build all 30 tests pass, including the 6 functional tests.

All tests are written with asserts like it was necessary for the sudoko solver to pass.

I already did made a complete new copy from the boilertemplate and copied everything in there. So I should have the latest boilertemplate and the bug some years back with the test cases and resolve it via adding " ->".

Right at the moment I do not know, how to proceed. Maybe someone give me a hint, what to do.

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githubLink: GitHub - JROEBKE/ffc-project-american-british-english-translator: A boilerplate for a freeCodeCamp project.

Challenge: Quality Assurance Projects - American British Translator

Link to the challenge:

I could resolve it. I used “it” instead of “test” to define my functional tests. Actually my implementation was right and everything worked, but the testrunner seems to filter for “test”. So you have to rename your tests to match intended nameing convention

suite(‘Functional Tests’, () => {

if you check test-runner.js at the bottom

  • test (test) test execution started

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