Quality Assurance Projects - Metric-Imperial Converter

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The FCC tests for this project do not pass on replit - timeout error - but they do pass on localhost (http://localhost:3000/). But, the project does not move to completion. It stays on the same page -

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solution: http://localhost:3000

My replit link is https://boilerplate-project-metricimpconverter.rsnarasimha.repl.co

Can you please assist.

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Challenge: Quality Assurance Projects - Metric-Imperial Converter

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Try this:

  1. Stop the app on replit.
  2. Start the app again and take a screenshot of what the Preview section and the Node console shows.
  3. Post the screenshot here.
  4. Also, can you take a screenshot of your browser console when you try to submit the replit live link?

Did the steps as you asked. Stopped and started the app again on replit. Here is the screenshot of the preview section and the node console -

The preview section starts off with the index page, but later shows the “could reach the repl…” page as shown above.

Following is screenshot of browser console when I try to submit the replit live link…

Hope these help…

replit has issue many times.

I was going to recommend Glitch but I am noticing that it silently removes consecutive forward slashes, so two tests’ requests (see below) will not return the correct responses based on how the tests are currently written.

/api/convert?input=1//2gal should return invalid number as response but does not
an/api/convert?input=1//2min should return invalid number and unit as response but does not

@lasjorg I have a feeling replit has the same issue, so I think the only fix for this is to change the tests to make the calls as follows:


The reason the form located in the index.html works, is that the JS sanitizes the data to convert it the the above requests.

This will continue to be a problem for users of replit and Glitch until these changes have been made.

Thanks for repsonding. Looks like we have to wait if this has to be tested in replit or Glitch. But, why when tested on localhost and the fcc tests pass, did the project not get marked for completion?

It is possible to get the tests to pass from replit sometimes.
Try stopping your repl and then submitting the link to FCC.
This will restart the repl and the tests MAY pass on FCC before the repl crashes again.
Alternatively, start the repl and quickly submit the link on FCC when you see the ‘Tests running…’ message in the repl console.
It sometimes takes a few tries to time it so that FCC passes the tests before the repl crashes.
I have successfully completed all of the QA projects on replit, using this method where necessary.

well…this did work…this time…but timing the submit is really frustrating.

Hope there is a better solution soon as this seems to be happening often and can be demotivating.


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The functional tests seem pretty broken on Replit (chai-http and zombie). I had to use Glitch as well last when I tested one of the projects with functional tests (the library QA project).

@RandellDawson I haven’t tested it but I’m not sure Replit does have that same issue with the invalid request test. I remember seeing a thread where you noticed that happening on Glitch, but I don’t remember ever seeing it being an issue with Replit. It might have to do with how any server redirects are set up on the specific server (i.e. how it handles an invalid path with //)

Edit: I remember looking at that test and thinking it wasn’t really a good test for an invalid request. So maybe the test should be changed no matter what.