Quality Assurance Projects - Metric-Imperial Converter

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I have pass all test and the test locally and pass all test except the last two regarding the testing script.
Found this error in console: frame.ts:255 Error: expected { status: ‘unavailable’ } to be an array
at eval (eval at (frame-runner.ts:95:35), :18:11)
at async HTMLDocument.runTests [as __runTest] (frame-runner.ts:103:18)
at async b (frame.ts:152:5)

My github source: GitHub - deadlok/fcc-qa-converter: fcc quality control project Metric-Imperial Converter

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solution: https://fcc-qa-converter.onrender.com

githubLink: https://fcc-qa-converter.onrender.com

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Quality Assurance Projects - Metric-Imperial Converter

Problem resolved. “Render” hosting service have override my NODE_ENV setting in .env and need to set it manually in the environment variable section,