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Just a simple question to the unit tests.
I worked through the tests and now i am standing in front of the next two and really don’t understand what should be tested now.
Be aware, i am a german :stuck_out_tongue:
maybe my tranlsator in my brain is broken.

i am talking about these two:

I expect that i laugh over myself after some explanation.

But what should i test?
The first three tests are for checkung the string for little misstakes already.

Belong the last three tests together? The first checks if the solver can solve a puzzle and the third checks if the solver can solve it correct?
That makes not much sense to me, but you will help me i guess.

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With coding all is fine so far :slight_smile:

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Challenge: Quality Assurance Projects - Sudoku Solver

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All the previous tests were checking different small portions of your solver, that the validator function responds properly, or that checkRegionPlacement responds properly, but the last three tests now test your solver as a whole, basically checking that your solver function uses all the smaller pieces correctly.

So for the last three, I believe they are supposed to check that a valid input gives a successful response, an invalid input gives an error, and a valid input gives a correct answer. I at the time interpreted it a little differently and I checked the below for the last three:

  1. That when given a completed puzzle string, it returns it as completed rather than giving an error. Otherwise it would have been very similar to test 3.

  2. When given a valid string, but an unsolveable puzzle, it responds with an error that puzzle cant be solved instead of getting stuck in infinite loop or returning a wrong answer.

  3. Given a valid incomplete puzzle, it returns the correct completed puzzle.

Thanks mate.

Got an idea!
I think a string should be checked for issues like 2 same numbers in one row/column/region.
It would be unsolvable.
thats the first test.
Second ist the negative case for the first one and three is solving the full string.

Thats makes sense to me and i try to get it done.

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