Question about a news aggregator website


I want to make a website that collects RSS feeds from news websites and posts them as links to its homepage, but I also want it to show the thumbnail and a small paragraph. Here is an example of something similar (it’s in another language, but the idea is clear). Also, does anyone know how to make it so that when you click on an article, it shows you the content as if you’re visiting the site that owns the article, but your website’s url is still shown in the address bar (example: My knowledge is limited to creating simple landing pages by using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap, so I would appreciate any advice regarding where to start (technologies to use, any tutorials). If you know of some Wordpress themes and plugins that could do the job , that would be even better.

You want to make feedly!

You may want launch the external content in an iFrame:

One note, some sites don’t support iFrames because they can be used for a security exploit know as “click jacking” so I would test this approach out before implementing it to make sure you are getting the desired results.

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