Question about APIs and outputting them

I am still confused about certain aspects of looping through JSON data and then outputting it. This is what I ended up with:


$("#newQuote").on(“click”, function(){
$.getJSON(“”, function(data){



It works well and to me it seems sufficient, but all the documentation points to using a loop instead. Why use a loop if I only need to output one piece of data?

There is a more simple way to do it with get.

var wiki = "*&search=cats&format=json"

$.get(wiki, function(data){
d = data;

if you use the get function its short cut then just console.log(data) and you can always check if your getting JSON with a simple typeof. If your data returns string its not JSON. if it comes back object your golden

The way you are calling the api right now, you are getting back one quote at a time. Reading his docs here ifyou are calling the api like :

$("#newQuote").on("click", function(){
$.getJSON("", function(data){

you will get a json object containing 100 quotes within a single api call. Then you can iterate through it or Math.random, etc.

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