Question about coding Apps

while i enjoy sitting down with a nice cup of tea and taking my lessons on my PC, i would like to know if there is also an app for when im on the road and have time to kill. an app that would help me further my knowledge. im still at the html/css beginning stages.

Hello @chanratt
Coding has a great future because jobs like Prompt Engineers, Web developers and others are using coding framework only. So, there are some names like:

  • CodeGym

It is an app that teaches beginners Java programming code. CodeGym blends practice with essential Java theory. With 1,200 tasks available in the app, users get lots of practice for the programming.

  • Code.Hub

is a coding app that teaches many coding languages. Users can learn about C, C+, Java, Python, Node, and Express. Code.Hub also hosts courses on HTML and CSS.

For more such apps, you can DM!

freeCodeCamp also has an app