Question About Completing Challenges

Hello everyone. I’m having an issue where I completed exercises but for some reason i cannot pass the 72% or 81/113.
Does anyone know how to fix it?

I moved your question into its own thread so that you aren’t hijacking somebody else’s thread.

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You need to complete all the challenges in that group for it to go to 100%

hello Ilenia,
i understand this but i have completed more than 81 exercices and the page still only says i completed 81.
Before this issue, the page always took in account every exercices i finished, ex: was in exercise 50 and when i finished the next one, the count moved up to 51

Welcome there,

Thank you for reaching out.

Would you mind answering some questions:

  1. Which lesson is the last that was saved? (Is it the 81st? Or, do some appear skipped?)
  2. Are you aware of any recent changes to your local setup?
  • New browser extensions?
  • Different device you have used for the curriculum?
  • Change in browser?
  • Change in OS or ISP?

Any more information you can give would be helpful.

Hello and thank you for replying.
The last saved is 81. And i am using the same pc, the same brower, the same OS

Hello and thank you for your response, after a couple days i realised there was somethng wrong with my brower soi had to reinstall it. Because of this it reset me to 73% and now i just completed 82% so i think the issue might have been solved.
Thank you for your suggestion

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