Question about first tribute page challenge

Hi, I have a doubt about the first “big” challenge, the tribute page, this is mine:
For the image at first I used the element, you can see it because now it’s commented out, but I struggled when I had to center it… I even tried with css using “margin: 0 auto”, then I had to do look at others code (I know I shouldn’t but could not find a solution) and used a simple div.
What am I missing?

This problem can be overcome in many ways one of them is the way you used
If the grid positioning system interesting you at this early stage you can got and learn 'flexbox’
Which included in bootstrap4 library

Sure it interest me, I think it’s the best feature of bootstrap! I’ll go check flexbox, but why behave like that? I mean, if it was inside the grid it should have been centered, if it was outside the grid the css should have centered it… but none of them worked