Question about function

After logging this in console const prepareBlackTea = () => 'blackTea'; and after this prepareBlackTea the result is () => 'blackTea'

My question: what exactly do I get in return? Is it only a string like this 'blackTea' or it’s this piece of code () => 'blackTea' - if it is, does it work as a function?

this is an anonymous function with arrow syntax, it also uses implicit return, it will return the string 'blackTea'

this is a pretty simplified example of functional programming, to show the concept, it’s not a real use case

This logs the function:

console.log(prepareBlackTea)  // () => 'blackTea'

This calls the function, so you log its return value:

console.log(prepareBlackTea())  // 'blackTea'

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