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I just want to be clear on what’s what in .map() here.

watchList is the array the method is called on.
"Title" and "imdbRating" are the index being called on.
"title" and "rating" are the elements being called on.

Am I off on one of these?

Thanks as always

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const ratings ={Title: title, imdbRating: rating})=>({title, rating}));

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Challenge: Use the map Method to Extract Data from an Array

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I don’t understand what this means?

This callback function uses argument destructuring. The map iterates over an array, making new elements for a new arry out of the old elements. The destructuring takes the Title and imdbRating properties of the old elements, and the callback function makes a new object with just these properties.

If you aren’t very comfortable with destructuring, I recommend you try to do this exercise without using destructuring. I’m surprised you wrote this solution without understanding destructuring.

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