Question about models in Flutter

hello everyone, i just wanted to ask since this thing got me confused, i am still beginner with OOP i started it with Java and now working with it in flutter, so basically when i use a model in flutter, am i using it to fetch data from an api or a web server, am i right? let’s say it’s like select … from … in SQL, is that right? for example here i have this model of location

import './location_fact.dart';

class Location {
  final String name;
  final String url;
  final List<LocationFact> facts;
  Location({, this.url, this.facts});

so basically in final name and final url i am specifying which data to get from the api or the web server ( in the example i am just giving fake data which just data i am giving it manually without a third party api or web server ) so when i use these i am just like using select name, url from “apî” ? is that the deal here? and when i am using the Location({, this.url, this.facts}) am i specifying which data this model will take as a parameter ? and when i am using final am i like referring to the data that it won’t be fetched again once it’s fetched? and when i am using final list <LocationFact> facts; am i specifying that this data is going to take the facts only from the list or what? i know this is overwhelming but i am really beginner with dart and flutter generally, i appreciate anyone’s help and thank you.