Question about navbar please help

in my navbar i have an image for the logo but when i assign a background color it covers up the logo image but not the other nav bar text, ive tried many things like z index to fix it but i can only see the image if the the background is transparent… How doi move the image in front of the background please help

nest the img tag and the navbar inside a header tag .

already have it nested, image still behind the background color

You’ll need to allow us to see your page in action in order to really be able to give you a helpful answer. All we can do is guess right now. Do you have it up somewhere publicly that you can give us a link to?

Thanks guys but i figured it out, as I thought the solution was pretty basic.
i just had to make the background color its own class instead of having it as a part of the navbar class, then gave it a z-index.