Question about nextjs?

Hey! I have a really stupid question but it will help to clear my brain fog, because of my confusion I didn’t do anything, my question is we have api folder to use like a server so Is I need to use nodejs backend or use next js api folder as a backend?

I haven’t used nextjs much.

But, my understanding is that the api folder is for “fake” api that reads local static json files from your app. In some cases, that might be all a server is, in which case this could be the equivalent of a simple server. At the very least, it would be very helpful in development to simply integrate dummy data.

But a lot of apps are going to need more than just static data. For those you will need a backend - node or otherwise, it doesn’t matter - the front end doesn’t know or care what language the backend is written in, as long as it follows the http and REST api protocols (or whatever).

Again, I haven’t used nextjs much, but that’s my understanding.

I understand I also doin coding in react and I never touch nextjs before but when I read pros and cons of client side rendering and server side rendering so then I decide I should take a look at nextjs, Anyway thanks for your help🤗