Question about node js FS module?

Hii, I am recently learn node js and I am pretty understand how to create a basic node js server but my problem is that how I learn FS and stream modules because I can’t remember FS functions and concepts because I don’t know how to practice them I don’t have Idea what to create with them so my whole efforts wasted when I stopped watching tout and read docs.
" :sweat_smile: and sorry for my bad grammar"
Please help me…

If you don’t have a reason to use them, then don’t worry about it.

But how about interview perspective, If they asked by me in an interview so how would I answer them.

It’s not very likely that you would be tested on a specific Node module. If you are, you just tell them that you haven’t had a reason to use that particular module.

Ok thank you very much :smiley: