Question about the naming of the html and css files

Besides the index.html and the styles.css what are the rules to naming your web page as far as the name of the files or if there is a set order when using more than one page? I know this is rather ganaric but I dont have anyone really but online to ask questions like this and none of the programs I have used to learn on have yet to hit at this. I know how you would source them with links I think but not the naming convention because they can not all be the index and styles.

There really aren’t “rules” per se, depending on what library/framework you might be using.

The most important thing is clarity and consistency. I’d say to experiment, see what other people do, maybe look over some projects on github, get some ideas.

In the end, a lot of it will depend on where you work. Where I work now, I personally don’t like how they organize files. I mean, this is a great place to work, but if I could change one thing… But that’s life. I mean it’s not atrocious, it’s still clear and consistent. But my point is that the odds are you will end up trying out a lot of different organizational schemata before you are done. You may be working with different ones in different projects at the same time.

It’s good that you are thinking about these things. But don’t worry that you have to find some magic formula.

Thanks I will look into the ones on Gethub

Hi @Rinlore ,
As @kevinSmith said best, “…a lot of it will depend on where you work.”, but to a degree their is somewhat of a basic acceptable standard as can be seen in the following links:

Click Here => Dealing with files - Learn web development | MDN

This is a great article as well on the subject:
Click here=> Folder Structure for Web Development | Web Expe | Mayur Nalwala

Hope this helps.

thanks a lot that does.

It helped with some of my question I guess I am wondering how do you do the muti pages for web sites since I know not many have only one page?

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