Question for product page

Hi I need to create a product page for my assignment , but I do not want to use div tags, as am coding semantically. Also not sure if tables are semantic enough for a product page. What code can I use? (HTML only)

Div tags are useful for general containers, especially for styling purposes. They should definitely still be used when appropriate, since semantic tags cannot cover every situation. It is a bigger mistake to use semantic tags for situations that they are not designed for than to use divs for situations that do have a semantic tag.

I can imagine a product landing page using a table, but I can imagine a lot of designs that wouldn’t make sense semantically to use a table. To help you with this we would have to see your design.

In my projects I try to work as semantically as possible as well, so I understand your concerns. But div still has many uses and shouldn’t be thrown out just because there are newer semantic tags for some situations.

Well atm I just need a product page that shows my products. Also I cannot use css either

Well we can’t help you choose semantic tags without knowing what your design layout will look like.

But if all you need is a list of products with their data, then yes a table will work.

Okay I’ll just use a table.