Question on CSS within React

So, I’m starting my React Journey and I had a question about CSS files. Up until now I have always used one CSS file for a project and have seem everyone else do the same.

Now that I’m approaching React, I’ve noticed people using more than one CSS file.

Is it good practice to have a CSS file for each React component? This is what I assume people are doing. I am used to having one big CSS file that holds everything but maybe that’s not the standard of doing things with React.

I have seen many have a global css file that is used for the overall site for things like font family and more global site design features. For components, I do not use a separate css file for each. I prefer using the styled components library. You can write CSS in the component file without having to worry about importing a css file.

I have not heard of the styled components library but I’m sure this course will go over it at some point. Thank you!