Question on how to use a spreadsheet as a simple database

Hello friends!

I’m more of a frontend guy still, but I’m working on a personal project (English word games for online teachers) and want to create a reference for the different games to pull the words from. Ideally I could take my information from my spreadsheet of lessons and words, and create a way for a website to access that information, then filter it based on a drop down menu (e.g. level 3, unit 5, lesson 2, nouns). Could anyone help me find the right solution? Do I need something like SQL, MongoDB? Some of the tutorials I’ve run through focus on CRUD databases, and I don’t need anything that malleable as the users won’t be updating the database at all.

Thank you for any and all help!

I’m still a newbie so there will probably be others with better solutions.

But, are your spreadsheets compatible with Google Sheets? If so, there is an API ( that you can make calls to and get json to manipulate as needed.

Hey, thanks! This looks like it will do a lot of what I’m looking for.

What’s the amount of data? I mean, if it’s not that much you and you said your users don’t need to update it, you can always create an object inside your own code.

Thank you for the response. I thought about that, especially as I grew frustrated with not finding a solution, but it’s hundreds of lessons, and thousands of vocabulary words. The lessons get updated from time to time, so I’d like to be able to just update a spreadsheet easily instead of a very large object. At this point though I honestly don’t know what the best route would be. Perhaps creating a large object would be best…

IF updates in the material will be made, so yes I agree with you that a database solution should be provided.