Question regarding browser dimension

if you are using a non-1080p monitor, what software/plug in do you use for keeping your browser resolution at 1920x1080???

I have a 1440p monitor right now, if I use the native res, then my browser will be at 1440p ish resolution isnt it??

that depends on your monitor resolution, if that’s the case you should be able to change your screen resolution from the settings right clicking on your desktop

why do you want to do this? if you explain that you could find alternatives

thanks for the reply. For at least a year I thought I have to use a 1080p screen to make sure that my site looks “right” on 1080p monitor… since most people uses 1080p screen these days…

When I am using a 1440p monitor I always turned down the resolution to 1080p…

You don’t have to turn down your resolution, just resize your browser window. Devtools in most browsers will also have convenient buttons to switch your viewport size to common widths as well.

And except under circumstances where you need to keep certain content “above the fold”, you’re generally going to worry more about screen width than height. Unfortunately those circumstances tend to come up more often on mobiles, so you’re better off anyway using the devtools to simulate those devices.

so… just like this right??

That would be the feature I was referring to, yes. Get to know the devtools, they have some surprising features.

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