Quick editing problem , need help :'(

i need to run the quick edit propertie in my visual studio editor .
what i mean by quick editing is like … when you edit something in your html/css source code you get the prévisualisation in the navigator .
i’m new to this kind of professional editors so … I’m kinda lost XD i don’t want to use a normal one like brackets …
thanks for the help .

Sorry I think the preview is in Dreamweaver. There is no such thing in VS Code. Or in Visual Studio itself.

the preview actually exists in VSCODE i’m gonna install it right now , but what’s realy the difference between vscode and vs ?

Does it? What is the name of the extension? And VS is more software development oriented than web development. Things like .NET and what not.

ok thank you i searched about the difference for a little bit , i have an idea about it now :smiley:
for the extention … well … it’s a setting , it’s called autosave ( LOL ) you can customize the delay between you typing and the editor saving all the open files ,
but you will need an extention so your browser can reload the page you’re currently coding in the editor , it’s called " live server " . after you install it you click the mouse’s right botton => open with live server .
that’s it i guess tell me if it’s not working for you , cause i’m not a native english speaker XD i hope all is understood .
have a nice day / night .

I’m not sure I wanna mess around with autosave. You might save your code with errors. The best preview comes with Dreamweaver, second best is brackets. I had Dreamweaver but my version is pre-HTML5 and I couldn’t get the latest version. That is the ultimate preview. But until then VS Code it is.

Have a nice day/night
(All is understood. :slightly_smiling_face:)