Quick question, on code on lesson

Im doing the building a piano lessons. I am working on learning the content element. This is not a question needing help. They are explaining about the empty string, that I understand this element. My question is they said if i want to experiment with it I could try using one. They have a heart inside i really dont understand exactly what they mean by this heart? This isnt something o a keyboard.

Yes the heart is not on the keyboard but you can copy and paste it from the exercise if you like.

Was that what you wanted to know?

Yeah I see that you can copy it. May I ask why I can copy that and use it in css, If it is not on a keyborard for coding formats?

Hmm. I am not sure why they suggested that one specifically (I do not know the original intention).
I think the objective here is to use any character just to see the effect in the preview pane. (They said to experiment so maybe they suggested the heart because it was cute but you can get the same experiment results with any character)

Oh k. Yeah its cool. I thought the same thing?

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