Quote machine problem with codepen

Someone can tell me what’s wrong with my codepen?
It’s working on my computer using localhost.
But with codepen I have this weird error which I don’t understand because nothing is missing.

SyntaxError: expected expression, got '<'

That is because your React code needs to go through the Babel preprocessor first. Go to Settings -> JS and in the JavaScript Preprocessor, select Babel.

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For React I’d really suggesting CodeSandbox or Stackblitz. They are much better for working with React (and pretty much better than Codepen in almost every way).

BTW, the API seems to be dead. At least it is not working for me.

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:sweat: of course ! Thanks !

kevinsmith gave me the answer.
But thanks for the tips, I don’t really like codePen.
edit: And yes indeed they both looks very good !! thanks