Quotes API solution

Hi everyone,

Just finished my quote machine but i’m still having an issue understanding how does work the api link. Have to admit that i tried to use the API myself then i finally used a link from another camper’s codepen.

Here’s the link: https://big-okra.glitch.me/https://quotesondesign.com/wp-json/posts?filter[orderby]=rand&filter[posts_per_page]=10&callback=

Don’t understand the big-okra part of the link and why can’t i use the api link of quotesondesign website.
I read few documentation about CORS
Tried with disabling the cache console.
Still had errors like http//null something like that.
I don’t have any skills about server side technologies maybe that’s why i get confuse.

The actual quote machine: https://codepen.io/ErwanEL/pen/eexQPe

If anybody could clear it up…

Big-okra is a random subdomain for glitch.com. It’s an app that serves quotes from another api without giving campers CORS headaches (the very kind you were having!)

APIs that do not open themselves appropriately for cross origin requests (i.e. a request from someone not on the original host domain for that API) require some workarounds. You could read up on jsonp as an alternative to json for more information.


Thanks a lot, i was feeling like cheating a bit pasting the working link, you really helped me understand.