Quotes Generator Feedback

Hello all, hope you’re doing great! (Good is the enemy of great! :wink: )
I have built a random quote generator which generates quotes from Game of Thrones
Link: https://quotereactor.firebaseapp.com

It is developed using React
And I have tried to make it a PWA using service workers and enabling the install banner on android devices (Please try it out and let me know, you can also Add it to Home Screen)

I would love to know what you think about it.
PS: If anybody can help me out in publishing it to the Google play store. I’d appreciate that.


Nice idea! But i feel like the background white make it feel like a bit distant from the reader… would a light background better? Also some of the writings more saturated other not and feel like a bit caotic(if this was what the feeling you wanted to convey is good ).

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Hey @tom9
Appreciate your response :grinning:
It’s just that the colors look fresh on a whiter background.
I’ll try your suggestion though. Thank you.

Sorry, but I did not get you. Can you please explain again?
Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

the text is sometimes saturated like red(close to #FF0000) and sometimes it is not like more pinkish red (#ff9999), so the the text in red pop up more the the light version (but they are important at same level) so I feel like it is a bit messy because of the gasp of saturation level. But I think is not so much important, because it’s my own taste…

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