Radio buttons in a group

Good day guys, how do I create 2 radio button within a radio group? It's not part of a challenge...

input elements with type radio will create a button and to make them all as group so that only one is selected at a time, all radio buttons should have a name attribute with same value

    <input type="radio" value="off" input name="off"></input>```

```This is my code so far, what am I missing?```

the name should have same value like <input type="radio" name="animal" value="dog" /> <input type="radio" name="animal" value="cat">

you have to also use <label> element for text to appear near them

you can see the name for two buttons is same animal it makes them a group

it’s not like that, because user can click on a radio which has name off and it will be selected and this true for the radio with name on

This book i have says:


<input type="radio" id="vote_yes" name="vote" value="yes" checked>
<label for="vote_yes">Yes</label>


<input type="radio" id="vote_no" name="vote" value="no">
<label for="vote_no">No</label>


Fieldset&Legend are optional :melting_face:

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