[Rails] Best resources to learn Rails in 2017

I wrote a blog post collecting what I think are the best resources to learn Ruby on Rails. This is the link https://albertomontalesi.github.io/blog/bestof/best-resources-to-learn-rails-in-2017/

Let me know if you found it useful and if you know of other resources I could add to the list to make it even better.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


Best free resource I have found is
They also have a more comprehensive paid set of tutorials. I am 74% through the free content and have already learned a great deal about Rails and also programming in Ruby. I will most likely continue on to the paid portion upon completing the free sections.
Also, a paid resource for the absolute novice is

I have not tried one month Rails but have heard from developers at a conference that their first projects were done right after finishing this course.

Great collection you already have. I did not know Mr. Hartl’s Rails book was available for version 5.x.x Bookmarked that one right away… thanks and best of luck!

Codeschool have a couple of free courses here : https://www.codeschool.com/learn/ruby.

Their material is always well-produced and very beginner-friendly.