Random img not working

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//html code//
<div class="products">
			<div class="product">
				<img id="myimg" src="images/cover.jpg" alt="product"><!--image save as from googel-->
				<div>More info</div>

//js code//
  function changeImg(myElement,myimgs){
	 var myRondomNum=Math.floor(Math.random()* myimgs.length);

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You asked for help on the Factorial challenge, but your code has nothing to do with that challenge. Also, you have not explained what you are trying to accomplish with the code and what it is doing instead.

hi,thank you for replying,I wanted to change img from html by id 'myimg’to to random img in every time the page reloaded from myimgs array .Thank you

Hi Randell,thank you the problem solved,