Random quote gen wont pass...Solved

could someone help me with my timeout issue on my random quote machine project?
'Heelhooked/pen/oOmKwm at codepen it wont let me post the link

I believe the issue is that it is expecting the author to be different each time or at least not be the same author two clicks in a row. Currently you only return the value "-C.S. Lewis" or undefined, so if two undefined values or two "-C.S. Lewis" values for author show in a row, the test will fail.

Thanks! I changed the code to cycle through different variations of CSL but still failing number 9 test. It seems to wrk fine though, any thought?

Finally got it to pass adding extra author variations thank you!

If you modify your logic to never allow the next quote to be the same as the previous quote, you will always pass the tests. See my comment on issue GitHub issue #830.