Random Quote Generator API

Hi, I have read a lot on this topic in this forum but what I would really like to know is, do we really have to use a random quote API to do this assignment? A lot of people are talking about AJAX but really, FCC hardly cover JSON and AJAX especially AJAX in much details.

So I was thinking, can one have an array of a quotes hard coded and use JQuery to generate this random code. I find that through this way, I can truly understand the use of JQuery and AJAX and I will still be using library APIs to generate random number and quotes for display. The only think I will not be doing to accessing a external server for the quotes.

If I do that, will it still be inline with the challenge FCC set?

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Using hard coded quotes is fine.

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Lmao you don’t even need to use APIs or jQuery or AJAX . Vanilla Js is enough :slight_smile:

This was my concern too. As I got going I found it quite easy to just have a quote dictionary to pull from in my script. I didn’t use any JSON or APEX for this. I only have a few quotes for functionality purposes, but it’s working like I expect it to.