Random Quote Generator by Ishe

Hi guys, here’s my Random Quote Generator for intermediate front end developer projects. Your views, comments, and advice are most welcome. Thank You

You have several problems with your Random Quote generator. You need to test it out a bit more, because I found the following in the first 15 seconds of using it:

  1. When the first quote loads, I the Share button does nothing.

  2. When I click Next Qiuote I get an alert the following alert. When the twitter page comes up it does not have the same quote showing when I clicked the Share button.


  1. Each time I click on New Quote after and then proceed to click the Share button, I get bombarded with multiple alerts like the one shown above and still the twitter page that comes up shows the same quote that originally loaded when I first click the Next Quote button.

Definitely do not use the alert, because that is quite annoying for a user, especially since it keeps popping up multiple times after the first OK. See if you can resolve the 3 problems I mention above. If you get stuck, let us know.

@rmdawson71 thank you, Let me try to work them out. Will contact you if I get stuck.

@rmdawson71 Can you check again. I have updated it and resolved those issues.

Looks like everything works. Of course, now if the quote plus the author is longer than 140 characters, it will get cut off. One way around that is to have your code get another quote if the quote plus the author is over 140 characters.

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thanks, let me check if I can code that.