Random Quote Generator - feedback, please

Feedback welcome. Thank You. I have created it not looking into anybody’s code and now I see that nobody keeps all the quotes in HTML as I did… I wonder if it is a completely wrong thing to do?


This is awesome dude!

Nice style. My first random quote machine also had the quotes hard-coded, but as a javascript array. Your js is nice and clean as well. As to whether you’re supposed to code it that way, if it passes the test then it passes the test.

Thats awesome
I think this is the best random quote machine UI i had ever seemed good job

this is really nice!!

Great looking page! It also works wonderfully.
On smaller screens, the box shadow on the bottom button covers some of the text from the author’s name, but it does look really cool and fits the theme well.

Thanks, everybody for the nice feedback :slight_smile: It’s very small project, but my first using JS. Had more interesting ideas, but have to keep learning to make them work:)

Well looks like it doesn’t pass the TEST (use certain IDs and libraries…). Well I have just found that these tests exits:) Same with my “tribute” and “portfolio” projects… I think this was added after freeCodeCamp update… Well,l it was good practice anyway:)