Random Quote Generator ! HELP!

Hi, I am currently doing this Random Quote Generator Project and i am stuck in so many places since few days and my debugging skills is starting to get to the point where i am about to flip out. >…<

  1. My Javascript isn’t calling the API, doesn’t log anything on console.
  2. This Quotation well isn’t coming to the centre.
  3. Can’t resize my twitter image button.
    I haven’t set my button events yet but i know how to do that after i debug my code first. Please can someone take a look and help me out ? Many thanks in advance :^<

When you are designing a pen which uses JQuery and Bootstrap, you have to remember to go to Settings > JavaScript and select JQuery from the Quick-Add menu, and then go to Settings > CSS and select Bootstrap 3 from the Quick-Add menu. (Don’t use Bootstrap 4 unless you’ve really familiar with it.)

Regarding the API call: You need to change your AJAX href to https. Also, when you call the function at the end of your JS code, be sure to use the correct name for the function. Right now you are using slightly different names.

Regarding your Twitter button: In your <img> tag, your are missing the quotes in what should class="small". Once you do that, you can go into CSS, create the .small class and give it a width attribute set to the size you want.

I hope this all helps!

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Wow, i didn’t know about those settings. Thank you so much your response. I fixed the function name too. However, i can’t seem to resize my twitter button and i did fix the quotation marks.

i am so stupid. TYSM!