Random Quote Generator problem, need a help

I don’t know why my quote generator doesn’t work. Can somebody help me please to find out where is the problem. Here’s the link https://codepen.io/Rade01/pen/zYZZbRa

Well, first of all, this:

<button onlick ="newQuote()" class="generator">New quote</button>

Unless web dev has gotten a lot more “intimate” than I remember, I think you have a spelling mistake there. :wink: I think you want that function to fire off when the button is clicked, not when it is licked. (Dim the lights, cue the Barry White… :wink: )


    let quotes = quotes[Math.floor(Math.random() * quotes.length)];
    document.getElementById('new-quote').innerHTML = quotes;

There are a few problems here. First of all, quotes was already declared above. Secondly, what you are getting there on the first line is declaring a variable that has already been declared. What if we change the variable name to “quote”?

Then you have the problem that that “quote” is not a string but is an object.

When I fix that HTML error, and rename the variable in the function, and dot into that to get the actual quote, the quote properly displays on the screen.

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