Random Quote generator: Project

In this project, I used jquery and bootstrap as front-end libraries.
But I can’t think of how to used React Or Redux.
Any feedback about the code.

the quote generator its working as it should and its responsive.

Instead of having 3 object arrays, i would use only quotes one like:

let quotes = [
      "quoteAuthor": "Thomas Edison",
      "quoteText": "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.",
      "bodyBgColor": "#cc0099",
      "jumboBGColor": "#800060",
      "textColor": "#ffffff"

and get all your data from there including colors.

You just have to find some nice pairing colors to have a well balanced color pallete and avoid situations like:

I don’t know much about designing/coloring etc. So i have problem choosing right color.